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For the purposes of this notice and the applicable General Data Protection Regulation (as of 25 May 2018). The London Ambler is an architectural events and tours company operated by Mike Althorpe whose address is Cremer Street, London E2 8HR. Please read this Privacy Notice carefully. It explains The London Ambler’s practices regarding your personal data.

The London Ambler respects your privacy and will only use information collected about you lawfully in accordance with the Data Protection Legislation and your preferences and will endeavour to keep it up to date and secure.

The London Ambler collects data from attendees of walks and tours produced by The London Ambler, from those subscribing to its newsletter or emailing The London Ambler direct. This data includes email addresses and first and second names as supplied through walks and tours booking platform ‘Eventbrite’ or offered via business cards or written instruction and emails correspondence ‘gmail’.

If you book an event via booking platform ‘Eventbrite’, The London Ambler will have access to data, which will include names, emails and purchase history. The London Ambler does NOT store or have access to any credit or direct card numbers used as part of walks and tours bookings. Please note, this website will have its own privacy policies and The London Ambler does not accept any responsibility or liability for these policies.

By signing up to The London Ambler newsletter you are agreeing for your data to be stored by The London Ambler and its third party newsletter facility ‘Mailchimp.’ The London Ambler will have access to your details via Mailchimp, which will include name and email address. Occasionally, newsletters may feature links to third party websites. Please note, Mailchimp and any other third party websites featured will have their own privacy policies and The London Ambler does not accept any responsibility or liability for these policies.

If you contact The London Ambler via ‘Gmail’, The London Ambler will have access to names and email addresses. Emails received are stored automatically via Gmail account settings and NOT downloaded or transferred to any other facility without permission. The London Ambler website may contain links to and from the websites third party partners or contributors. Please note, these websites will have its own privacy policies and The London Ambler does not accept any responsibility or liability for these policies.

If you follow The London Ambler on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, the London Ambler may have access to data which may include your account name, gender, general interests, location, age. All other data supplied by you as part of your social media profile will NOT be accessed. Where data is collected this way, its processing is governed by the privacy policy of the respective social media platforms.

Where you have requested that The London Ambler provides a service to you, I will process your personal data in order to perform my contract with you in providing that service. The London Ambler also uses personal data to pursue legitimate interests in providing and marketing architectural walks and tours to you, improving website information, services and communications with you. The London Ambler may contact you about:

  • New and forthcoming architecture walks and tours
  • Architectural related events by any of The London Amblers partners where present
  • Updates and changes to The London Ambler website, services or function of business
  • How to make payments and access more information about walk and tour topics or themes

The London Ambler does NOT and will NOT sell your personal data. Any personal data held by The London Ambler is on a secure server and may be kept for up to 6 years before being deleted.

Under the Data Protection Legislation, you have certain rights in respect of the Personal Data The London Ambler holds about you. This includes: right to update and correct that Personal Data, the right to request from The London Ambler a copy of your Personal Data, the right to request restriction of the processing of that Personal Data, the right to request that The London Ambler delete that Personal Data and the right to object to its continued processing of your Personal Data. If you have a complaint about the way in which The London Ambler uses your personal information contact The London Ambler at email below in first instance, but you also have the right to complain directly to the Information Commissioner (

If you would like to know what information The London Ambler holds about you or if you have any other queries or complaints in relation to this privacy notice, please email